Movie Review: Another Perfect Stranger (2007)

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Another Perfect Stranger (2007 Film by Kelly’s Filmworks LTD) with Casts: Ruby Marie Lewis, Jefferson Moore, Tim Kelty, Christina M. Browder; Directors: Shane Sooter and Jefferson Moore, based on the second novel “Day With a Perfect Stranger” by David Gregory.

This movie is a sequel to the Perfect Stranger (2005). It is advisable to watch the Perfect Stranger first before watching this movie.

The story begins 10 years later after Nikki first met the perfect stranger at the restaurant by his peculiar invitation. Now her 19-year-old daughter, Sarah, is heading for college by the airplane and encounters the perfect stranger on board in the same airplane. Like mother, like daughter, Sarah’s spiritual formation, in the middle of her spiritual crossroad, is challenged by this perfect stranger as her travel companion on the same airplane. – T

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