Satan’s Schemes

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Satan (the fallen angel) is powerful enough to defeat you because he is an angelic being created by God as the most admirable and glorious existence at the very beginning until iniquity was found in him (Ezekiel 28:12,15).  He drew one-thirds of the angels to himself (Revelation 12:4).  Since Satan is a spirit, it is hard for you to recognize him along with his fallen angels (followers).  There are myriads of angels (Hebrews 12:22), so a third of the angels are considered to be a lot of them.
It was so tragic that Satan chose to be prideful to himself.  Actually, he didn’t possess anything, but all goodness was given by God, the Creator/the Word (John 1:1). When the Word became flesh (John 1:14), Satan acted himself as a default over his Creator (Word).  When Adam and Eve were tempted by Satan, they were led to the sugarcoated magic and fantasy world of a distortion of the truth (resemble what God has and created) by his spoken word (cf.  the Word).
Satan came into our world through our free will which is the utmost characteristic of our humanity for the maximum state of blessing (goodness) given by God.  If free will is exercised in its best condition, then an intimacy between our humanity and God, the Creator is reached at its highest point.  As Satan won in his temptation of Adam and Eve, he snatched the content of our world from God, the Creator.  When he tempted Christ, that’s why he said to Christ in Matthew 4:8-9 NASB, “All these things [all the kingdoms of the world and their glory] I will give You, if You fall down and worship me.” (Satan unlawfully possesses the Creator’s world, and then offers falsely giving it back to the Creator without Christ’s death on the cross – only Christ’s death and resurrection can redeem the world).
Satan knows what is written in the Scriptures; he even quoted from it (Psalm 91:11-12) in his own terms which is out of context as he tempted Christ.  Satan also knows the book of Revelation talking about Satan himself and the fallen angels, the last battles, and his last fate.  That doesn’t change him anything because his pride blinds him (in a sense he deceives himself without being aware of it because of his pride).  Obviously, Satan hates God.
Satan cannot create life nor the contents of our world nor universe including spiritual beings.  However, he is an imitator of God.  He is appearing as an angel of light (2 Corinthians 11:14).  We tend to see Satan or devils as frightening or demonized figures, but in reality, he often appears as an unnoticeable figure mainly because he is a spirit.  Satan abuses all resources which were created by the God/Word.  Because he is a created being, he needs resources.  At the end (in his last fate), all resources are taken away from him as God separates tares from the harvest (Matthew 13:30). – T

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